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Cari Worstencroft, JP, Civil Marriage Celebrant

Quality Marriage Celebrant in the Southern Highlands

When you are planning to get married and spend your life with that special someone, you need someone who understands you and your feelings easily.

With Cari, you have nothing to worry about because she is compassionate, empathetic and will not shy away from going the extra mile for you to make your event absolutely fantastic.

From helping you maintain the legality of your union to assisting with organising the event, she is a great person to have by your side when you are planning. You may have special ideas you want to incorporate in your ceremony (cultural or otherwise) and if that is not the case, let Cari help you come up with some great ones that make your day even more special.

Making your Wedding an occasion that people won’t forget in a hurry was never this easy!

Best Wedding Celebrant in the Southern Highlands

Cari specialises in customised unions. She understands that each and every couple is different with their very own set of beliefs. She also understands that couples have very specific ideas on how they want their special day to be like.

Being a good listener, it is easy to let her know your ideas and have them incorporated into your day. Since it is your Wedding we are talking about, you want to make it special. Most things are possible and the only thing required is a whole lot of planning.

Cari is a great one for organising and it is her passion to not leave anything to chance. She has been working in this professional for more than 15 years and throughout that time, she has officiated at hundreds of ceremonies.

So when you choose her, you can be assured that you are getting someone completely reliable.

Celebrant Services

Apart from being a wedding celebrant in the Southern Highlands, Cari also officiates in ceremonies such as namings, reaffirmations, commitments and other special occasions.

She brings her special touch that makes such ceremonies all the more memorable. She also does beautiful calligraphy and is always pleased to offer her clients with commemorative copies of their occasions.

A sparkling Marriage Ceremony

That’s right. Everyone deserves a special wedding day and so do you.

Whether you have very specific ideas on how you want things to go or if you don’t have a clue, let Cari be your Wedding Celebrant in the Southern Highlands.

With her by your side, you can ensure that almost everything is possible.

Relax and enjoy your special day without any worries because she is going to take care of most things.

Choose Celebrations by Cari, and don’t worry about most things

As your very personal Marriage Celebrant in the Southern Highlands, she is going to ensure that you have an enjoyable day.

She will love if you get in touch with her now.

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Cari Worstencroft


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