The rules relating to everyone’s big day, the Wedding Day, have come a very long way from the days of frilly unsightly bridesmaid gowns and party favours for every guest. There are actually still wedding traditions such as jumping the broom that might seem difficult to leave behind. Nowadays, more and more partners are creating their own wedding rules for their important day. There are wedding traditions, superstitions, and practices that could make you feel like you are trapped within a tangled net of rules. In the end of your big day, you will be relieved you thrown more than just the bride’s bouquet throw, from the book of rules you made

It is said to bring a bad luck to The Groom To meet The Bride prior to The Wedding — given that you have discovered the love of your life it is likely safe to say that your luck is good. Regardless of whether you decide to capture beautiful first look images as a brand new tradition or you decide to keep waiting for the standard reveal, you will be thrilled. Always go with your heart and not “superstitions”. When you feel strongly about meeting each other prior to the wedding, it is your decision.

You are responsible for the Wedding Day transport  — in case you have the ways to offer shuttle services for your party guests, then go for it. However it is Definitely not necessary, or mandatory. The majority of guests in fact prefer having the choice of their own transport. You should be certain your accommodations or lack thereof are fully understood up front. You surely do  not want last-minute  dissatisfaction from loved ones. This additionally allows time for damage or change of plans to be set.

You Must conform to A tight schedule For Your wedding party — This is your choice and your style. A rigid schedule might make you feel limited. Coming up with a strategy is wise, however when you give flexibility some space, this will enable you to live in the moment and divert without a knee jerk response becoming the factor behind tension on the big day of yours. Prepare your reception so that it will be exciting, convenient and unforgettable for everyone.

Employing Your Friends is a great idea — except if your friends are experts and you have observed their profiles, your wedding might not be the ideal time to grant them that big shot or cut corners. You surely do  not want to end a friendship to dominate the start of your marriage. !

Perhaps you have a friend that may  offer to officiate the wedding. This might sound like a fabulous idea, however lots of couples feel disappointed making this choice. Save all the drama by hiring professionals so that your friends and families that attend can enjoy the day

All in all, you should go ahead and toss the tradition and truly take control of your wedding day. Put aside the urban myths, superstitions and old-fashioned wedding rules and have the dream wedding you have been longing for. You and your partner should not worry about offending anybody.

When it comes to your wedding day, you should go with whatever your heart and your partner’s want to. A wedding celebrant like Celebrations by Cari believes that each Wedding is unique and with that in mind – and as your Wedding & Marriage Celebrant – my input into each one is tailored to suit. I  am more than happy to celebrate your ceremony in any location in Australia that you choose.Get in touch with me here

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